About ME

making it home

I’m a marketing veteran turned real estate agent with an obsession for home design and problem solving. Wife to a General Contractor (yes, we’re very into flipping), and mother to a wildly hilarious daughter (and our fur baby Black Lab), with a son coming in August .

My life is full, and busy and sometimes a little crazy, so it’s important that where I live supports my life.

Where we live influences our lives in so many little ways. How we live is so essential to feeling happy and whole. Finding a home that offers you the chance to “live your best life” can be challenging in any market. My own journey in finding home was more like “making it home.” Thanks to my willing and supportive husband (and personal GC), and my design and project management skills, we successfully remodeled our first two houses and made them home.

As a REALTOR I leverage my experience and resources to support your goals. It’s incredibly fulfilling for me to be part of a journey that takes you home. I hope to get the honor of joining in your journey home.

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