Home Maintenance Tips for Fall and Winter in Columbus, Ohio

The cold season has arrived, it’s official – Winter is Coming. Here in Columbus, we’ve already experienced our first snow (with hale, no less)! For homeowners, that means it’s time to prep your home for winter to avoid costly emergency winter repairs, and keep everyone cozy through the season.

Taking a little bit of time to winterize your home can save you a lot of time, and money, later on. Check out these tips for preparing your home for the fall and winter.

1. Check window and door weather stripping for damage.

2. Disconnect water hoses and turn off outdoor water supply lines and irrigation system.

3. Wrap exterior water pipes or hose bibs with heating tape.

4. Clean your gutters.

5. Check your roof for damage or leaks.

6. Fill cracks in your driveway and foundation.

7. Check attic insulation for pest damage.

8. Have your furnace serviced.

9. Check your chimney for obstructions and make sure your damper is working.

10. Clean and store your lawnmower.

11. Aerate and fertilize your lawn.

12. Change the air filters in your HVAC system. Learn how to maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system for Winter HERE. Discover how to utilize your HVAC system to help protect against allergies and illness, even COVID HERE.

13. Change smoke detector batteries.

14. Clean and store outdoor furniture.

15. Have landscaping pruned and put fresh mulch down.

16. Bring potted plants inside.

17. Change your ceiling fan direction. Here’s how to DIY: How to Change a Ceiling Fan’s Direction

18. Clean humidifiers before using.

19. Check the condition of your pool cover.

20. Make sure snow equipment is working.

Remember, when in doubt, hire a professional to address home repairs. Should you ever need to utilize a home warranty or insurance to cover any damages or replacement costs, having record of maintenance performed by a licensed and insured contractor can bolster your claim! For recommendations on local contractors, or questions on which home projects to prioritize before winter – Connect with me directly.

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