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Known as “The Midwest’s Hippest City,” Columbus has something for everyone. Endless entertainment can be found in our many Sport Parks and Arenas, or our Performance Theaters, Music Venues and Comedy Clubs. Food and Dinning more your thing? Columbus offers countless local and unique Restaurants, Breweries, Distilleries, and Roasteries; we even have several crawls and trails dedicated to experiencing every drop and morsel. Columbus is also home to first-ranked cultural institutions such as The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, COSI, The Columbus Art Museum, and the Columbus Public Library system. And of course, The Ohio State University, the 3rd largest university in the United States, is at the heart of this incredible city.

With all that Columbus has to offer, it’s no wonder we call it home.


Home is where we LIVE; it is a haven, a nest, an outlet for our lives. We each have different notions of HOME, but we can all agree that finding and selling a home is more than just a transaction. Real Estate is a very personal experience, whether you’re buying or selling. As an Agent, how my clients feel during the journey home is equally as important as managing a significant transaction.

Lauren Myer, Realtor


I’m Lauren, a marketing veteran turned real estate agent with a deep love for Columbus. I have traveled the world and enjoyed wondrous experiences, but there is only one place I’ve called home. Columbus is a rare gem in the Midwest for it’s “big city” qualities and it’s “small town” feel. As an agent in Columbus, I get to serve and support people who hustle hard and know how to LIVE.

My role as an Agent is to help you thrive by guiding you through your options; my drive is your story. Throughout your journey home, I keep your story top of mind – ensuring that even quick decisions are the right ones.  

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First-time home buyers and experienced home buyers alike want to know “all the things” but often don’t know what to ask their realtor. Knowing what to expect in every phase of your journey home is key to being competitive in today’s market. That’s why I’ve created a simple outline for each phase in your journey, along with a downloadable Buyer’s Guide.

Though today we are amidst a sellers market, there are still several steps every homeowner should take to prepare their home and market their property to get the best offer. Listing your home can be daunting and stressful.  Avoid the stress – I have detailed each step from “preparing to list” through “closing”, along with a downloadable Seller’s Guide.

Preparing Your Home for A Midwestern Winter

The cold season has arrived, it's official - Winter is Coming. Here in Columbus, we've already experienced our first snow (with hale, no less)! For homeowners, that means it's time to prep your home for winter to avoid costly emergency winter repairs, and keep...

5 Excellent Reasons to List Your Home in the Fall

Thinking about selling your home but not sure if the fall is the right time of year? There are actually several great advantages to put your home on the market in the Fall. Here are some of the benefits of listing your home during fall in Columbus: There is Less...

10 Spring Cleaning Tips from the Pro’s

Spring is in the air and in Columbus, Ohio that means there's plenty of pollen and dust too. While we are all practicing responsible social distancing and staying home, why not take the time to do a deep cleaning? Here are some ideas and tips from professional...

Real Estate in the age of COVID-19

These are unprecedented times that we live in. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how we socialize and conduct business. Some of that change is short-term and some may prove to be long-lasting. In Columbus, Ohio, real estate has been deemed as an ‘Essential Service’....

Questions You Should Ask When Buying New Construction

There’s nothing like moving into a home that is truly new, with no smells, smudges or dust left behind by a previous owner. Even better is when you get to make your own custom selections. With the market in Columbus, Ohio, it's challenging to find or even snag the...

8 Things You Can do to Qualify for a Mortgage

Going through your financial situation is the first step to preparing for a home mortgage application. Knowing your income, your debt, and your credit are key to gaining approval and securing great terms on your loan.

Check Off These Items Before You List Your Home

Simplifying your decor before listing and showing your home can do wonders for first impressions. On average, buyers decide whether they like the home within the first 8 seconds. First impressions in Real Estate have an impact.

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